Rinalda Germaniene

I am Rinalda.

A psychotherapist, psychologist, sports psychologist and a member of Lithuanian association of psychotherapy, East Europe association of humanistic and existential psychology, European Federation of sport psychology (FEPSAC), Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

For many years I have been taking care and providing support to people who request my assistance. It plays a huge role in my life’s purpose.

Pasimatant su vaikyste, pasimatomSu savim lyg pro gelmes,Nors žinojom, kad praeina metai,Bet pajuntam, kaip praeinam mes.

Rainer Maria Rilke

What is born first in a human being? Reality. The reality with one’s physical, social, psychological, and spiritual worlds.

What dies last in a human being? Reality. The reality that greeted and followed him throughout life. A reality that was meant to be familiarized, improved, understood, mystified, rejected, accepted, and experienced.

One could say that life itself is meant for understanding the reality of one’s surroundings. It can start and end with such an extreme as a victim’s mindset. A victim runs from his reality and can’t comprehend his responsibility for creating and understanding it.

All our lives we spend trying to distinguish what is real and try to look at simple things that give meaning, certainty, and essence of life itself. Some people do it while using their minds, emotions and morals; however, others use humiliation, deception and hurt. Here we meet various intersections of life paths where people are affected with anger, pain, frankness, vulnerability, humiliation, guilt, shame, glory, and other wild ego manifestations. Sometimes these manifestations could take over the essentials of life, such as love, peace, silence, spirituality, faith and God. In these situations, a human being needs another human being. A human being who is real and alive. A human being who listens and understands.