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When not only the body hurts, but also the soul. Or maybe, when it is hard to differ what hurts more- the body or the soul?

Be water, my friend

Bruce Lee

Water – one of the most widespread matters on earth, the beginning of everything, the start of being, the brother of chaos.

Water or the ocean stands as a great metaphor for understanding the superficial nature of a human being. Also, it can be a metaphor for one’s great depth and inner strength. Water adapts and it adapts through all of its physical forms- changing shape, temperature or volume. During a storm, we can look at the ocean and see giant waves shattering all around. At first glance it looks devastating; however, looking beyond the surface we realize that the major part of the ocean is still, deep and calm.

A conscious and fulfilled human being becomes one with water and finds his ocean. Thereby, any stress or challenges encountered becomes only part of the „ocean‘s surface“.

The ability to reach the depth of your spirit, like diving deep into the ocean, helps to overcome any physical or mental fatigue… helps to leave YOURSELF alone… leave OTHERS alone… A great power could be found in this particular mindset.


Kur dykumos,
Ten Dievas
Ir piktas.
Kur Skroblaus smėlis,
Ten dievai:
Ir kažkiek patvirkę.
Palieski Juos,
Tačiau tik tiek, Kiek reikia Tavo delnui.
O visa kita
Palik ramybėje –
Tai tebūnie…“

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