Rinalda German - psichologija versle


Business interaction

In order not to become „methodical intellect castration products”, not to lose human simplicity and approachability, not to identify with money and not to become a nobody. In order to do business based not on emotion, but on your spiritual and mental strength. To „be” and not to „act”.

Business needs more than you and your money, it needs to be socially responsible, and it needs to be able to share and care. In order to do that, one can’t abandon his soul. No one cares about what kind of shoes you wear in Rome or Paris. No one cares. Maintaining your dignity in business during these capitalistic post-modern times can be challenging.

The goals, actions, and attitudes of private sector businesses are connected with their CEOs and employees and their spiritual wealth. If all that’s left is the chase of glory, consumerism, greed and pride, we have neural and psychosomatic weakness. It transforms into sadness, anger, humiliation, guilt, shame, dissatisfaction and aggression. In these difficult times people, usually CEOs, tend to lock and suppress themselves in order to act tough. Actually, they just flex their muscles to keep emotions, fear, and tears inside. What’s next? Next is aggression, addiction and depression. Addiction with alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, shopping, social media and mainstream media.

For starters, it is enough to take care of your conscience. In order to do that one needs to leave the world of constant static consumerism mind.
I am, when I have money. My mode of life is determined. Be or not to be depends on the amount of money. When conscience is lost- all these things tend to recede and even the toughest businessmen are left naked.


Formation of a CEO’s and employee’s personality profile on proven practical psychology methods and testing systems. Assessment of psychological climate, stress level, teamwork and concentration.

Daugelį metų dirbdama su profesionalais sporte, įžvelgiu sporto ir verslo paralelę . Pagrindinis fokusas – maksimalaus pasiekimo principai sporte, treniravime, teisėjavime, versle nuskamba specifiškai naujai.

Nagrinėjama maksimalaus pasiekimo sporte fenomenai: psichinė savireguliacija, nerimo ir dėmesio koncentracijos įsisąmoninimas ir stiprinimas (pasitelkiu neurofeedback ir biofeedback aparatūrą). Kalbama apie „Flow“ fenomeną, emocinę inteligenciją, funkcionalaus ego panaudojimą, principą „Čia ir dabar‘, pasitikėjimą savimi, meilę ir tikėjimą.

Mental self-control, intense dynamic group formation, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and meditation are conducted.

Kiekvienas sportininkas, kiekvienas verslininkas pirmiausia, yra žmogus, todėl, pirmiausia, jis susiduria su savo žmogiška prigimtimi, su savo „Aš“, su savo Ego. Viena vertus, kiekvienas „Aš“ ieško ramybės ir darnos, tačiau kita „Aš“ dalis visada ieško konfliktų. Tie vidiniai, išoriniai konfliktai žmogų išderina, išsekina. Jis pyksta, konfliktuoja, neigia, ginasi, kaltina kitus ir pan. Kartais apie tai verta pasikalbėti su specialistu.
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